General Questions

  • Q. How do I get a job at LATICRETE?

    A. All open positions in North America can be found on our Careers page. They can be searched by a variety of categories like location and department. Additionally, once you have created a profile in our system, you can set alerts for future openings that the company posts.
  • Q. Can I apply to more than one job?

    A. Certainly, but we encourage you to apply for the one(s) that best fits your skillset and/or experience. Applying for multiple openings will not increase your chances of getting a position in most cases. Our Talent Acquisitions team reviews every application and will routinely consider applicants for additional positions they feel candidates might be a match for other roles. 
  • Q. Do you have a preferred format for my resume? Also, should I include a cover letter?

    A. Yes, please use either a Word Doc or PDF for your resume. We certainly encourage you to share a cover letter with why you feel this role is a good fit for you. We are also open to reviewing portfolios and work samples if they are relevant to the role.
  • Q. What qualities do you look for when hiring at LATICRETE?

    A. We are always looking for candidates who live our core values of Trust and Integrity, Passion and Commitment, Innovation, Customer Centricity, Growing Together and Caring. Previous experience in the building materials industry is very welcome, but not required. As a company founded on innovation, we are always interested in applicants who have a background in innovation and bringing new products to life. You can learn more about some of our innovative projects right now by visiting our Innovation and Impact page.
  • Q. What is the hiring process like?

    A. Once you have applied for a position at LATICRETE, someone from our Talent Acquisitions department will review your resume. If it is a match for the position, you will receive an email requesting an interview, either in person, via video or on the phone. LATICRETE uses a scheduling software that will allow you to pick an available time on the requestor’s calendar.  From there it is a purposeful and streamlined process, with the intent of being as smooth and impactful for both our interviewing team and the applicant. We understand your time is valuable and strive to use it wisely.
  • Q. I applied for a position at LATICRETE and I haven't heard back. How can I find out where I am in the process and what the status of my application is?

    A. We appreciate your interest! All completed applications receive an acknowledgment email to the address you listed in your application. If you did not receive an email, you may want to check your Spam folder to ensure the application was complete and received. Additionally, you can always log in to our careers page and see if your application has been reviewed. All applications that are not selected to move forward in the process will also receive an email notification. We wish we could speak to every applicant who is interested in working at LATICRETE, but we received hundreds of applications a week (sometimes in a single day). If you aren’t selected for a position here, we truly hope that you will continue to consider us as a potential employer and will apply for other roles in the future. 
  • Q. How are the benefits at LATICRETE?

    A. We have a very comprehensive benefit package that includes significant medical, dental and vision coverage. We also have a 401k matching plan, flexible spending, tuition reimbursement, life insurance and AD&D. Additionally, we have a strong time off policy that includes plenty of vacation, sick and safe time. Finally, we have 13 paid holidays, including a week of shut down during the December holidays. A more comprehensive look at our benefits can be seen here.
  • Q. Where are you located?

    A. Our World Headquarters is in Bethany, CT and we have 7 additional locations in some of the most desirable big cities and small towns across the United States. We also have more than 25 facilities and business offices in over 17 countries across the globe.
  • Q. Do you offer remote or hybrid work?

    A. Yes, many of our roles are either partially or fully remote, depending upon the type of position. We are pleased to utilize a variety of technology such as the Microsoft 365 suite and Teams to allow for seamless connections with all of our employees.
  • Q. Do you offer relocation assistance?

    A. Yes, depending upon the position and situation.

College & Internship Questions

  • Q. Does LATICRETE hire summer interns? How can I view internship opportunities?

    A. Yes. All internship roles can be viewed by going to our Careers page alongside our other open positions.

  • Q. Are they paid positions?

    A. Yes. In addition to providing a strong learning environment where students can begin to explore future careers, we feel strongly about paying a fair wage for the work that is being done.
  • Q. What types of internships are offered?  

    A. Typically, we tend to hire interns in STEM roles such as Engineering or R&D. We do occasionally have needs for interns in non-technical positions though and are open to considering applicants from all majors. 
  • Q. Can I pursue a graduate degree while employed at LATICRETE?

    A. Certainly! We highly prize education and offer a strong tuition assistance program to help our employees continue to learn and grow in their careers.
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