Screeds & Toppings

For over a decade, we have delivered spectacular timesaving, cost-effective solutions that correct uneven concrete, reduce moisture vapor emissions and shorten build times. This system benefits the entire project from design to completion, all backed by the industry leader in globally proven construction solutions. LATICRETE also offers a wide selection of self-leveling products to suit any application and job-site.

3642 Latex Concentrate
LATICRETE 3642 Latex Concentrate is a concentrated latex admix which is diluted with water on site and then mixed with LATICRETE Thick Bed Mortar or Portland cement and sand to make cement plasters, renders, coatings, mortar beds and screeds for concrete repairs.
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Duratop HP
DURATOP HP™ is a flowable natural metamorphic spinel aggregate that creates an abrasion-resistant industrial floor.
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EmeryTop 400
For the most abrasion resistant, heavy duty floor topping, we recommend EMERYTOP 400™. This flowable, natural emery aggregate floor topping produces a very durable floor.

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