VIVID DYE™ is a highly decorative concrete dye and seal flooring application that gives your floor a variety of unique finishes. As a popular alternative to polished or acid-stained concrete, this system offers a similar look with added durability and chemical resistance.

VIVID DYE™ is available in a high, medium or low gloss finish with optional floor traction additives to enhance slip resistance.

SPARTACOTE Vivid Dye Drawing

Compare VIVID DYE™ Systems

System Variation Surface Preparation Overall Thickness Required Materials Applications
VIVID DYE™ Diamond Grind, ICRI CSP 2, 60-100 - grit 8 mils DFT VIVID DYE™, Sparta-Flex® Clear Widely used in areas requiring above average chemical and abrasion resistance
VIVID DYE™ PURE™ Diamond Grind, ICRI CSP 2, 60-100 - grit 12 mils DFT VIVID DYE™, Aqua-Flex WB/FC™,  VIVID DYE™ Flex® PURE Clear Green-friendly with minimal odor and 0-VOCs. Ideal for indoor applications.

Decorative Concrete Dye and Seal Features & Benefits

  • 15 available colors
  • Colors may be used alone or in conjunction with one another to create a variegated finish
  • Stain resistant
  • Superior durability over acrylic or epoxy based concrete sealers