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Backed by decades of concrete experience and expertise, ConcreteNews is a publication designed to teach and enlighten both new and seasoned concrete pros. With a subscriber base of over 21,000, this concrete industry magazine is heralded by architects, engineers and contractors as the go-to resource for news, how-tos, and high profile construction projects.

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Concrete news Vol. 6, No. 2

  • L&M and Duke Concrete: Celebrating a Silver Anniversary
  • L&M Certified Applicator / Installer Program
  • Hot Weather. Cold Weather. What about cool weather concrete?
  • L&M's Lithuania Connection
  • Increasing abrasion resistance of concrete floors
  • 5 minute classroom: Efflorescence and carbonation: working together to destroy your concrete slab

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ConcreteNews Vol. 15, No. 1

  • Greg’s Concrete Corner
  • Distributor Profile: Natural Stone Solutions
  • Project Spotlight: L&M™ EMERYTOP 400™ at National Museum of African American History
  • Project Profile: FGS PERMASHINE™ at Boyer’s Foods in PA
  • Polished Concrete Contributes Points and Sustainable Product Attributes in new LEED v4.0
  • The Contractor’s Soapbox with Rick Stone of Madison Concrete
  • ACI 302: Here’s what’s in it for you
  • High Moisture Slabs a Problem in Decorative Concrete? Not Anymore.

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ConcreteNews vol. 14, no. 2

  • Greg's Corner: Concrete Durability Front and Center
  • Distributor Profile: ACF Distribution: Farmingdale, NY
  • Home Is Where the Concrete Is!
  • Project Profile: Southridge Elementary School Casper, Wyoming
  • How Do You Know if Polished Concrete is Slippery?
  • Contractor's Soap Box: Phil McKeone, Founder and Owner of Daedalus Construction, Omaha, NE
  • The Culture of Residential Concrete: Fighting the Good Fight
  • Sandscape Finishing in Decorative Concrete

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ConcreteNews Vol, No. 2

  • ConcreteNews Vol. 13, No. 2
  • Congratulations to Stu Wood for 20 Great Years!
  • Notes from Greg
  • AG Heins: Building Materials Since Anyone Can Remember
  • Project Profile: Amphenol Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Have cements changed?
  • A Brief History of Concrete
  • Contractor's Soap Box: Jason Gonder, Sr. Vice President - Cornerstone Construction Services
  • Concrete: For the record
  • Product Spotlight: Installing The World's Toughest Floor - EmeryTop 400™
  • Current trends: concrete mix design
  • The Butler did it
  • LATICRETE L&M Construction Chemicals: U.S. Locations

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ConcreteNews Vol. 13, No. 1

  • Two Trusted Names Join to Bring you More
  • How's the Growth Plan working for You? by Greg Schwietz
  • Distributor Profile: Carroll Construction Supply - 59 years and counting...
  • Project Profile: Gordon Food Service - an award-winning FGS Permashine polished concrete floor by Jeff Bonkiewicz
  • Petrography 101: Everything you wanted to know about Petrography, but were afraid to ask by Jeff Varga
  • The Contractor’s Soapbox with Mike Poppoff, President of ASCC and Owner of Poppoff, Inc. by Jeff Bonkiewicz
  • Problem / Solution: Curled, Decorative Concrete
  • Current Trends in Decorative Concrete by Chris Sullivan
  • Concrete Coloring by Bill Butler

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ConcreteNews Vol. 12, No. 2

  • Windows of Finishability by Dr. Kim Basham
  • Blender Group Shines in Mexico
  • Project Profile: Durafloor HP at Field & Stream
  • L&M on YouTube
  • Harley Low-Rider Passes Away
  • Contractor's Soapbox with Roy Bowman
  • RAP STARS: Durafloor HP
  • The Butler did it. The Common Cure: Questions and Answers

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ConcreteNews Vol. 12, No. 1

  • Contact L&M Construction Chemicals
  • Frustration: Clear sealers that ‘Blush’ on decorative concrete
  • Project Profile: Omaha North High School - Omaha, NE
  • Shiny 101. What is polished concrete?
  • Concrete Visions Inc. takes PERK! installation to new level of personalized creativity at OSU Student Union
  • The Contractor's Soapbox
  • How to connect
  • Tri Supply & Equipment builds business with teamwork from L&M
  • The Butler did it. Concrete Floor Repair: Questions and Answers

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Concrete News Vol. 11, no. 1

  • Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel carves out long-lasting relationship with L&M Construction Chemicals
  • Project Profile: Manhattan Middle School - Boulder, CO
  • Perk! New advancements in Durable And Beautiful Seamless Polyaspartic Floor Systems
  • L&M Founder, Larry E. Schwietz Reminisces About 51 Years Of Inventing New Products
  • DURACRETE: Patch & Repair / DURACRETE: Artistic Medium
  • How to Avoid Concrete Coating Failures

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Concrete News Vol. 10, No. 1

  • From Steel to Concrete: Londerville Enterprises
  • Project Profile: Dallas Rapid Transit System
  • Contractor's Soapbox: Mario Garza, Barton Malow
  • How to Fix Concrete with Terry Willems and Peter Kolf
  • Slip and Fall: ANSI B101.1, Russ Kendzior, Founder and President NFSI
  • Project Profile: Boise Art Museum

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Concrete News Vol. 8, No. 2

  • Profiles: Kris-Con
  • Ironing out the wrinkles: How flat and level is your floor?
  • The Contractor's Soapbox: Curt Meidling
  • Improve the Look of Exposed Concrete Floors with Pinwheel Joint Techniques
  • Blessing the Slab: The Miracle of Bringing Apparently Set Concrete Back to Life
  • 5 Minute Classroom: Curling and Warping

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Concrete News Vol. 8, No. 1

  • Valley Supply: the go-to choice for L&M products in central PA
  • Hot Weather Concreting. Cold Weather Concreting.
  • The Contractor’s Soapbox: David Phillips, Hi-Tech Floors, Inc.
  • PROTECTING CONCRETE From Sulfate Attack
  • 5 minute Classroom: Slump: what does it mean?

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Concrete News Vol. 7, No. 2

  • Natural Stone supplying L&M products to south Florida and Caribbean
  • How could a floor that looks this good be SO TOUGH
  • The Contractor’s Soapbox: Dave Rossetti of D.J. Rossetti, Inc.
  • FGS PermaShine adds beauty, durability, and energy efficiency to LEED projects
  • 5 minute classroom: A brief History of Concrete: yesterday & today

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Concrete News Vol. 7, No. 1

  • AIA Continuing Education
  • Distributor Profile: Glacier Building Materials
  • FGS Permashine proves polished concrete is Green
  • A Decade of Dowel Development
  • Concrete's Longest (and most important) Day
  • 5 minute classroom: Concrete facts and rules of thumb

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Concrete News Vol. 6, No. 3

  • AIA Continuing Education
  • Block USA: L&M Partners growing rapidly in the Southeast
  • Concrete Cracking: it happens. Here’s how to fix it
  • Debunking myths and misconceptions about concrete chemical hardeners
  • Specify Certified ACI Flatwork Finishers & Everyone Benefits
  • 5 minute classroom: Fly Ash: worth its weight in cement

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