What Others are Saying…

After a few thousand successful polished concrete projects, it’s easy to see why FGS PermaShine is the choice for concrete professionals, building owners, maintenance teams, architects, and engineers. When you choose the FGS PermaShine polished concrete system for your concrete floor, you join the growing ranks of FGS clients who take special pride in their facility. And it’s not just aesthetics.

The high-traction FGS floor provides an added element of safety for everyone who walks through your building.

The ease of maintenance and durability of FGS PermaShine polished concrete offers significant cost savings almost immediately—for years to come.

And, if you're like many FGS PermaShine floor owners, you’ll never tire of how good polished concrete looks.

Take a look at what retail floor owners have to say about FGS Permashine Polished Concrete Floors:

"Everybody who has seen it absolutely loves this FGS polished concrete floor! We have had other retail stores contact us to learn more about the FGS system. The Lane project turned out to be a real showpiece. We're very proud of how it turned out! This shine, along with the dark stain, brought the old floors to a new life and an exciting look. The cleaning crews love the fact that the floor is so easy to keep looking nice. They wet mop the floor regularly and it just keeps shining!"

Larry Bice
Project Manager
R.J. Kroner LLC

"The FGS polished concrete looks great to the customer, and compliments our type of merchandise well. The type of outdoor furniture we sell here is a nice mix of medium and high-end lines. A lot of the tables and chairs are wrought iron. We constantly drag them around the showroom with no damage to the floor. The FGS cleaning regimen seems to work well for us, using a minimum of labor, and the floor always shines!"

Rick Blasius
General Manager, Greenhouse Mall Furniture
San Antonio, TX

"I've had stores with vinyl tile in the past, and it was a maintenance nightmare. I appreciate the fact that the FGS PermaShine floor is such low maintenance. All we do is dry-dust during the day and wet scrub the floor every night with a walk-behind scrubber, and the floor looks absolutely great!"

Ron Farida
Value Center Market
Madison Heights, MI

“The floor in this building has been around here long before Dick's came in. It was repaired and re-surfaced using the FGS grinding and polishing system. I have been associated with epoxy sealers, carpet and tile in the retailing business and I think this floor is about the easiest to maintain I've ever seen. We clean the floor nightly using a dry push broom. Then every week or two, our floor crew comes in with a wet mop. That's all we need to keep the floor looking great. The floor looks good and it's super easy to keep clean."

Greg O'Brien
Store Manager, Dick's Sporting Goods
Orland Park, IL

"We are very pleased with the FGS PermaShine polished concrete floor. With epoxy, our repair, replacement, and maintenance costs were out of line. Now, all we do is clean our floors regularly with a walk-behind scrubber, and the floor looks great. Spills from accidentally dropped containers don't stain. Cans falling on the floor don't chip the concrete. Even the hard rubber tires on forklifts don't mark this FGS PermaShine floor."

Roy McKey
Brookshire Food Stores
Tyler, TX

"Over the past ten years, we've tried paints and epoxies as a floor finish in our new boat sales showroom. The paint or epoxy came off on the tires when we moved the showroom boats and left a bare patch of concrete where the tire was. We tried better paints and then expensive epoxies, but we were constantly repainting damaged areas. The FGS system was the final solution to our boat showroom floor problem! Not only does our FGS floor shine and look good, but our maintenance time and expense are literally nothing."

Tom Novak
Starved Rock Marina
Ottawa, IL

"This building was in pretty bad shape from the previous business. While I was doing interviews with new employees, they were busy preparing the new FGS PermaShine floor. There was very little mess or dust during this process. They were very careful not to disrupt our meetings, and they worked around all the incoming merchandise that was arriving daily to fill the store. I appreciated the fact that they were very neat and clean. I am very pleased with my new FGS floor!"

Julie Stangle
Tiger Direct
Orland Park, IL