The Process

The Beauty of Polished Concrete isn’t Just Skin Deep

What you see on the surface of a perfectly polished concrete floor is the end of the process. The beginning is quite another story.

That's why the integrated FGS polished concrete system is so important to the appearance, performance, safety, and long-term savings of every FGS Permashine floor.

FGS PermaShine Maintenance

FGS PermaShine is easy-to-maintain. In fact, the floor's appearance will improve over time with a good maintenance plan. Simply cleaning the floor regularly with a mop or floor scrubber and conditioning the floor with FGS Conditioner ensures that your floor improves its shine and durability over time.

FGS PermaShine Preparation

Proper surface preparation steps are imperative for polished concrete. Not only do you need to know the tools and techniques to perform the surface preparation, you need to know when to use them.

Grinding and honing an existing substrate, followed by cleaning and vacuuming the concrete surface is necessary before further steps of the polishing process take place.

Like any professional concrete project, proper preparation prevents poor performance. Make sure you hire an experienced, FGS-Approved Installer before moving ahead with your polished concrete project. When it comes to grinding, honing, and polishing your concrete floor, you want experience and expertise.

FGS PermaShine Polishing

The act of polishing concrete is a set of steps designed to grind, polish, and hone a concrete surface to an agreed upon level of sheen. Using the FGS PermaShine polishing process, LATICRETE FGS-approved installers understand the steps involved; they possess the proper equipment to use (and when to use it), and they have expertise with LATICRETE polishing concrete chemicals.

Like any quality concrete project, polishing concrete takes time, tools, and the talent to use them. LATICRETE FGS PermaShine Approved Installer program assures that your polished concrete project gets done right the first time, giving you an exceptional and easy-to-maintain floor for years to come.

FGS PermaShine Hardening

LATICRETE densifier, FGS Hardener Plus, is specifically formulated to penetrate diamond ground and polished concrete wear surfaces to seal, harden, densify, and waterproof them. This water-based, VOC-compliant product is applied following the sequential diamond grinding and polishing steps of the FGS PermaShine process. FGS Hardener Plus provides long-term dustproof protection to the floor, and enhances the visual impact of your floor's finish.

FGS Hardener Plus adds years to your polished concrete floors expected service life, and reduces the cost of regular maintenance of that same floor. The powerful densification of a concrete floor by FGS Hardener Plus increases its durability by chemically and permanently transforming the comparatively soft, exposed cement paste into a hard, wear-resistant surface.

FGS PermaShine Color

LATICRETE® Vivid Dye is a water-based concrete dye system that is easy to mix and place on your substrate. Vivid Dye colors the concrete to the floor owner's specification. LATICRETE® Vivid Dye offers a diverse color palette of premium, micronized pigments, giving you greater flexibility of finish appearance.