SPARTACOTE Metallic Pigment

SPARTACOTE® Metallic™ Flooring Systems are designed to provide one of a kind color brilliance and depth to resinous floors. These unique concrete coatings may be personalized in a number of ways to provide designers with the ability to significantly enhance the ambiance of any environment. Their reflective quality, color variation and durability make them a widely selected choice within commercial retail settings.

Compare SPARTACOTE® Metallic Pigment™ Systems

System Variation Surface Preparation Overall Thickness Required Materials Applications
Metallic™ Pigments Diamond Grind, ICRI CSP 2, 40-100- grit 9 mils DFT SPARTACOTE® Pigment Base, React-Tint™ Pigment Pack, SPARTACOTE® Clear, Metallic™ Pigments Highly decorative coating application, most popular within retail showrooms and similar settings
Metallic™ PURE™ Diamond Grind, ICRI CSP 2, 40-100- grit 20 mils DFT SPARTACOTE® PURE Pigment Base, Black Pigment Pack, SPARTACOTE® PURE Clear, Metallic™ Pigments Minimal smell, very low VOC Ideal for indoor (odor sensitive) environments.

Features & Benefits

  • UV stable
  • Gloss, Satin or Matte Finish
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • Superior durability over acrylic or epoxy based concrete sealers
  • Optimal substrate adhesion
  • Available in a standard as well as minimal odor/ very low VOC
  • May incorporate floor traction additives for optimal slip resistance
Cured System Properties SPARTACOTE Seal™
Coefficient of Friction (ASTM C-1028) dry: 0.98 wet: 0.83
Hardness (ASTM D 2240) 94
Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D-4060 mg loss) 22-28
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638,D-2370 psi) 4500-5000
Substrate Adhesion (ASTM D-4541, psi) 400-500+, concrete fracture
Flammability (ASTM D-635) Self-extinguishing



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