Resinous Flooring Systems by Vertical

Today’s flooring environments are demanding. These spaces see heavy foot traffic, spills, and other obstacles to safe, in-service operation. Most importantly, these rooms and floors cannot afford facility downtime.

LATICRETE flooring pros understand the various needs of facility managers within commercial, industrial, and institutional spaces. They require solutions for floor coatings that offer fast turnaround, safe, nonslip characteristics, and customization options.

Explore resinous flooring solutions by LATICRETE for your facility’s floor. Whether new construction or an existing retrofit, LATICRETE offers the applicable floor coating solution just right for your application.

Resinous Flooring for Manufacturing

Maintaining a clean and safe production area is a constant struggle within manufacturing plants. Facility managers strive to keep up with the incessant demands of workshop floor and wall maintenance within their workshops, helping to ensure high production uptime and minimize downtime.

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Resinous Flooring for Health Care

Healthcare facilities are demanding environments. The around-the-clock nature of these spaces require full access and uptime for the people they serve. Find out more about our durable healthcare flooring solutions for all areas of your facility.

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Keep busy classrooms, hallways and work areas safe and functional with SPARTACOTE resinous floor and wall systems by LATICRETE.  Featuring fast return to service, high uptime, and safe, non-slip solutions to handle the high traffic and daily cleaning of educational facilities.

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Food and Beverage Manufacturing

SPARTACOTE resinous floor and wall systems by LATICRETE keep busy production environments safe, hygienic and functional by offering USDA compliant systems and antimicrobial coatings. Seamless, durable, easy to clean options stand up to the high demands of today’s food and beverage manufacturing industry.

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The aviation industry demands floors that are both decorative and functional. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems by LATICRETE offer solutions with customizable aesthetics, high chemical resistance, including to SkyDrol-D, and abrasion resistance to create beautiful easy to maintain floors that can withstand the wear of daily operations.

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Car Dealerships

Car dealerships present several challenges for their facility managers and owners. These spaces require high uptime with customized aesthetics matching the dealership’s brand. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems by LATICRETE offer customizable, fast return to service, easy to maintain solutions to meet these needs.

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Veterinary and Dog Kennels

Veterinary professionals and kennel owners seek top quality, solutions-based, floor coating systems that are long-lasting and easy to clean. SPARTACOTE resinous floor and wall systems by LATICRETE offer durable, hygienic, easy to clean solutions that are safe for people and animals alike.

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Retail Spaces and Shopping Malls

Retail spaces and shopping malls require high uptime with customized, beautiful aesthetics for commercial retail tenets and shop owners. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems by LATICRETE possess safe, non-slip flooring characteristics as well as easy to clean properties suitable for handling the high foot traffic these spaces see on a daily basis.

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Hotels and Hospitality

In the hotel and hospitality industry, patrons, facility managers and hotel owners alike demand high performance from their flooring.  SPARTACOTE resinous floor and wall systems by LATICRETE provide solutions for both front and back of house which are aestheticly attrictive, easy to clean and long-lasting to handle the high traffic and daily wear. 

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Stadiums and Event Spaces

Stadiums and large event spaces pose unique challenges due to the extreme foot traffic and variety of events occurring on a regular basis. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems by LATICRETE create an attractive customizable appearance while maintaining a safe, durable, non-slip floor that is to clean.

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