Fichas Técnicas

General Ceramic Tile & Stone Industry Information

(Consulte a continuación las fichas técnicas en espanol)
  • TDS104 Bond Strength Test Procedures
  • TDS117 Vacuum/Breton Process Synthetic Marble & Stone
  • TDS120 Marble And Granite Tiles
  • TDS136 Glossary of Ceramic Tile Industry Terms
  • TDS137EN EN 12004 Classifications
  • TDS137ISO ISO 13007 Classifications
  • TDS137ANSI ANSI Standards and LATICRETE Products
  • TDS159 Efflorescence - Causes, Prevention and Removal
  • TDS159M Efflorescence - Causes, Prevention and Removal for Masonry Veneers
  • TDS161 Testing Standards for Tile and Stone Installation Materials
  • TDS164 Lippage - Causes and Prevention
  • TDS166 LATICRETE and Moisture Vapor Emission Rate, Relative Humidity and Moisture Testing of Concrete
  • TDS169 Flood Testing Procedures
  • TDS194 Sustainability, Tile and LATICRETE
  • TDS196 Proper Trowel Selection and Back Buttering
  • TDS233 Correlation Between Division 3 Floor Flatness (FF) and Floor Levelness (FL) and Division 9 Substrate Tolerances
  • TDS240 Air Barriers
  • TDS250 Cubic Conversions of LATICRETE® & LATAPOXY® Products
  • TDS251 Low VOC LATICRETE® Products/LEED Certification (LEED v4 & v4.1)
  • TDS252 Why Are Expansion Joints Needed In Tile and Stone Applications?
  • TDS256 Movement Joints in Residential and Light Commercial Applications
  • TDS284 Uncoupling Membranes and LATICRETE® Mortars
  • TDS291 LATICRETE and OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Regulations
  • TDS295 LHT Mortars, When to Use Them and Why

Información general de la industria de recubrimientos ceramicos y de piedra

  • TDS120 Baldosas de mármol y granito
  • TDS159 Eflorescencia - Causas y Prevención
  • TDS166 LATICRETE y el rango de emisión de vapor de humedad, humedad relativa y pruebas de humedad del concreto
  • TDS196 Selección adecuada de la Llana y la aplicación del mortero al reverso del revestimiento
  • TDS233 Correlación entre la Planitud de Piso de la División 3 (FF) y la Nivelación del Suelo (FL) y las Tolerancias de Sustrato de la División 9
  • TDS251 Productos de Bajo VOC LATICRETE®/Certificación LEED (LEED v4 & v4.1)
  • TDS252 ¿Por qué se necesitan juntas de expansión en las instalaciones de piedra y cerámica?
  • TDS256 Juntas de Movimiento en Aplicaciones Residenciales y Comerciales Ligeras

Latex Portland Cement Mortars

(Consulte a continuación las fichas técnicas en espanol)
  • TDS106 Storage and Handling of LATICRETE® Materials
  • TDS108 Adding Pigment To Mortars
  • TDS108M Adding Pigment To LATICRETE® MVIS™ Mortars
  • TDS175 Cold Weather Tiling and Grouting
  • TDS175M Cold Weather Veneer Installations
  • TDS175N NXT™ Cold Weather Installation Considerations
  • TDS176 Hot Weather Tiling and Grouting
  • TDS176M Hot Weather Veneer Installations
  • TDS176N NXT™ Hot Weather Installation Considerations
  • TDS187 LATICRETE® Colored Adhesive Mortars

Morteros de Cemento Portland Reforzados con Látex

  • TDS106 Almacenamiento y Manejo de Materiales LATICRETE®
  • TDS108 Adición de pigmentos a los morteros
  • TDS175 Instalación de Revestimientos y Aplicación de Morteros para Juntas en Climas Fríos
  • TDS175M Mortero Para Revestimiento y Juntas de Mortero (MVIS) en Climas Fríos
  • TDS176 Instalación de Revestimientos y Aplicación de Morteros para Juntas en Climas Cálidos
  • TDS176M Mortero Para Revestimiento y Juntas de Mortero (MVIS) en Climas Cálidos
  • TDS176N NXT® Consideraciones de instalación en Climas Cálidos
  • TDS187 Morteros adhesivos de color LATICRETE

Substrates and Preparation

(Consulte a continuación las fichas técnicas en espanol)
  • TDS102 Avoiding Problems With Thin-Set Cement Adhesives
  • TDS105 Requirements for the "Thin Bed" Method
  • TDS110 Protecting Exterior Installations of Tile, Stone and Adhered Veneers
  • TDS118 Preparation of Concrete for Thin-Set Applications
  • TDS123 Deflection
  • TDS126 Ceramic & Stone Tile Over Cementitious Backer Units
  • TDS128 Ceramic & Stone Tile Over New Concrete
  • TDS129 Thin Bed Installations Over Wall Or Floor Mortars
  • TDS131 Ceramic & Stone Tile Over Painted Surfaces
  • TDS133 Cement Backer Unit Over Lightweight Steel Framing
  • TDS135 Ceramic & Stone Tile Over Existing Wall & Floor Surfaces
  • TDS140 Gas Beton, Ytong and Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) Block
  • TDS142 Installation of Tile or Stone Over Concrete with Crystalline Waterproofing
  • TDS146 Bonding Tile and Stone To Steel Substrates
  • TDS147 STRATA_MAT™ and LATICRETE® Mortars
  • TDS148 Bonding Ceramic Tile or Stone Over Poured Gypsum Underlayment
  • TDS152 Bonding Ceramic Tile, Stone or Brick Over Wood Floors
  • TDS154 Concrete Curing Compounds and Surface Hardeners
  • TDS157 Exterior Installations of Tile and Stone Over Occupied Space
  • TDS165 Ceramic Tile & Stone Over Fly Ash Concrete
  • TDS167 LATICRETE® Waterproofing Membranes Tied Into Membrane Materials and Flashing
  • TDS168 Preparation of Cast-In-Place Concrete
  • TDS183 Drying of Concrete
  • TDS184 Maintenance Guide for LATICRETE® Polished Self-Leveling Overlayments
  • TDS185N NXT® Wear Surface Variation
  • TDS192 Installation of Ceramic Tile in Swimming Pools
  • TDS230 Substrate Preparation and Primer Guide for LATICRETE® Self-Leveling Products
  • TDS232N Extending NXT® Self-Leveling Underlayments With Pea Gravel
  • TDS235N NXT® Self-Leveling Flow Test Kit
  • TDS236 Determining Self-Leveling Underlayment Elevation Requirements
  • TDS238 Guide for Polishing LATICRETE Self-Leveling Overlayments
  • TDS294 Tile & Stone Backer Board Selection Guide

Sustratos y Preparación

  • TDS102 Evitar problemas con morteros de capa delgada
  • TDS105 Requisitos para el método de cama fina
  • TDS110 Protección de instalaciones exteriores de pisos, piedras y revestimientos
  • TDS118 Preparación del concreto para adherir directamente Morteros y Membranas
  • TDS123 Deflexión
  • TDS126 Loseta Cerámica, Fachaleta y Piedra Sobre Tablero de Cemento
  • TDS128 Baldosas Cerámicas y Piedra sobre Concreto Nuevo
  • TDS129 Instalaciones de Adhesivos de Capa Delgada sobre Morteros de Pisos y Paredes
  • TDS131 Baldosas Cerámicas y Piedra sobre Superficies Pintadas
  • TDS133 Unidades de Respaldo Cementoso sobre estructura de Acero Ligero
  • TDS135 Baldosa cerámica y piedra sobre superficies existentes en pared y suelo
  • TDS146 Adherir baldosa cerámica y piedra a Sustratos metálicos
  • TDS147 STRATA_MAT™ y Morteros LATICRETE®
  • TDS148 Instalación de Baldosa y Piedra Sobre Solados de Yeso Vertido
  • TDS152 Unión de baldosas cerámicas, piedra o ladrillo sobre suelos de madera
  • TDS154 Compuestos de curado y endurecedores de superficie de concreto
  • TDS157 Instalaciones exteriores de azulejos y piedra sobre el espacio ocupado y cubiertas de madera
  • TDS183 Secado del Concreto
  • TDS192 Instalación de Azulejo Cerámico En piscinas
  • TDS230 Preparación del Substrato y Guía de Imprimación para Autonivelantes LATICRETE®
  • TDS232N Extendiendo los Autonivelantes NXT® con Gravilla
  • TDS236 Determinando los Requerimientos de Elevación de Solados Autonivelantes
  • TDS238 Guía para el Pulido de Revestimientos Decorativos NXT®
  • TDS294 Guía de Selección de Tableros de Refuerzo para Baldosas y Piedras

Waterproofing Products and Procedures

(Consulte a continuación las fichas técnicas en espanol)
  • TDS112 Ceramic & Stone Tile Over Liquid Urethane WP Membranes
  • TDS188 9235 Waterproofing Membrane Corner Treatments
  • TDS189 9235 Waterproofing Membrane Checklist
  • TDS199 MVIS Air & Water Barrier Window Corner Treatments
  • TDS410 Spraying HYDRO BAN®
  • TDS410M Application of MVIS Air & Water Barrier and MVIS WCI Using Sprayers and Power Rollers
  • TDS412 Resilient Flooring Adhesives and LATICRETE® Membranes

Productos y Procedimientos de Impermeabilización

  • TDS112 Baldosas de cerámica y piedra sobre membranas liquidas impermeabilizantes de uretano
  • TDS188 9235 Membrana Impermeabilizante Tratamiento de esquinas
  • TDS189 9235 Membrana Impermeabilizante Lista de verificación
  • TDS199 MVIS Air & Water Barrier Tratamiento de Esquinas de Ventanas

Epoxy Adhesives, Grout Products and Procedures

(Consulte a continuación las fichas técnicas en espanol)
  • TDS111 Epoxy Grout Joint Removal
  • TDS144 Re-Grouting Floor Joints in Commercial Kitchens and Industrial Environments
  • TDS149 Grouting Narrow Vertical Joints with SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout and SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium Grout
  • TDS153 LATAPOXY® 310 Stone Adhesive Over Vertical Interior Plywood
  • TDS158 LATAPOXY® 310 Stone Adhesive (Reg. & Rapid) for Exterior Installations
  • TDS191 Grouting Stone with SPECTRALOCK® PRO Premium Grout or SPECTRALOCK PRO Grout
  • TDS198 Epoxy Grout Haze Removal
  • TDS258 Commercial Kitchens (Back of House) and Industrial Applications Grouting Solutions

Adhesivos y Boquillas Epóxicas: Productos y Procedimientos

  • TDS111 Eliminación de la junta epóxica
  • TDS144 Rejunteo en cocinas comerciales y aplicaciones industrials
  • TDS198 Eliminación de residuos de boquilla epóxica

Cement Grout Products & Procedures

(Consulte a continuación las fichas técnicas en espanol)
  • TDS113 Cement Grout Care & Maintenance
  • TDS174 Factors That Affect Final Cement Grout Color
  • TDS400 Grout Guide

Juntas/Boquillas a base de Cemento, Productos y Procedimientos

  • TDS113 Mortero para juntas/boquillas: Cuidado y mantenimientoe
  • TDS174 Factores que afectan el color final de la boquilla de cemento
  • TDS400 Guia de Boquillas LATICRETE

Environmental Product Declarations - Product Specific (Type III)

  • EPD85216 LATICRETE Cement Self-Leveling Underlayment Product Specific Environmental Product Declaration
  • EPD85217 LATICRETE Cement Mortar for Tile Installation Product Specific Environmental Product Declaration
  • EPD85218 LATICRETE Cement Grout for Tile Installation Product Specific Environmental Product Declaration

Surface Care - Maintenance and Care Instructions

  • MCI101 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Terrazo Tile - Honed
  • MCI102 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Large Area Sealer Application Methods
  • MCI104 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Porcelain, Ceramic & Quarry Tile with Cement Grout
  • MCI105 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Porcelain, Ceramic & Quarry Tile with Epoxy and Single Component Grouts
  • MCI106 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Polished Marble
  • MCI107 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Unpolished, Honed and Textured Marble
  • MCI108 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Polished or Less Absorptive Granite
  • MCI109 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Polished, Absorptive Granite
  • MCI110 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Unpolished, Honed and Textured Granite
  • MCI111 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Polished Limestone
  • MCI112 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Unpolished, Honed and Textured Limestone
  • MCI113 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Polished Travertine
  • MCI114 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Unpolished, Honed and Textured Travertine
  • MCI115 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Natural Slate
  • MCI116 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Sandstone & Flagstone
  • MCI117 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Polished Terrazzo and Agglomerate Marbles
  • MCI118 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Saltillo, Terra Cotta & Clay Brick
  • MCI119 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Concrete & Cement Bricks
  • MCI120 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Cantera & Adoquin
  • MCI121 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Basalt
  • MCI122 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Quartz
  • MCI124 STONETECH® Maintenance & Care Crackled Glass Tile

Special Applications & Methods

(Consulte a continuación las fichas técnicas en espanol)
  • TDS103 Installation of LATICRETE Products Over Alternative Membrane Types
  • TDS119 Installing Porcelain, "Granito" & Similar Tiles
  • TDS121 Commercial Coolers and Freezers
  • TDS127 "Float & Backbutter" Method For Facades
  • TDS130 LATICRETE® Wall Renders, Scratch Coats, Plaster and Stucco
  • TDS132 Storage, Transportation and Shelf Life of LATICRETE® and LATAPOXY® Products
  • TDS134 Installation of Tile or Stone in Elevator Cabs
  • TDS138 Gunite/Shot-crete Process
  • TDS143 Slurry Bond Coats - When & What To Use
  • TDS143M Slurry Bond Coats (MVIS) - When & What To Use
  • TDS145 Installation of Glass Mosaic Tiles
  • TDS150 Installation of Resin-Backed Tile and Stone
  • TDS151 Stone Slab Installations in Tubs or Showers
  • TDS160 Installation of Tile In Commercial Kitchens
  • TDS163 LATICRETE and Sound Control
  • TDS170F Installing Gauged Porcelain Tiles/Panels (Floors)
  • TDS170W Installing Gauged Porcelain Tiles/Panels (Walls)
  • TDS171 Bonding Ceramic Tile and Stone To Steel Pools, Spas and Fountains
  • TDS172 Installation of Tile or Stone in Steam Rooms Over Backer Board
  • TDS173 Installation of Tile or Stone Over Existing Terrazzo
  • TDS177 Masonry Veneer Applications Using LATICRETE® MVIS™ Products
  • TDS178 LATICRETE and Resin Agglomerate Stone Tile
  • TDS179 Pool Maintenance Guide
  • TDS180 Pool Maintenance Checklist
  • TDS181 Installation of Tile or Stone on Stairs
  • TDS182 Horizontal Natural Stone Paver Installation over Concrete Slabs
  • TDS182M MVIS™ For Horizontal Installations over Concrete Slabs
  • TDS186 Re-Grouting Swimming Pools, Fountains and Water Features
  • TDS190 Installation of Large Format Glass Tile
  • TDS193 Installation of Large Format Tile
  • TDS285 Rigid Foam Insulation and Insulated Concrete Forms with LATICRETE Products 
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Aplicaciones y Metodos Especiales

  • TDS130 Repellado, Capa Mejorada de Adherencia, Yesos y Estuco
  • TDS132 Almacenamiento, transporte, vida útil y acondicionamiento de Productos LATICRETE® y LATAPOXY®
  • TDS143 Capa de adhesión de la cama de mortero Cuando y que usar
  • TDS145 Instalación de Mosaico de Vidrio
  • TDS150 Instalación de baldosas y Piedra con resina al reverso
  • TDS170F Instalación de Porcelánicos de gran formato Baldosas/Paneles (en suelo)
  • TDS170W Instalación de porcelánicos de gran formato Baldosas/Paneles (en paredes)
  • TDS190 Instalación de baldosas de vidrio de gran formato
  • TDS193 Instalación de grandes formatos Pisos y Piedras


  • TDS218 STRATA_HEAT™ WIRE Repair Procedure with a Cable Fault Finder
  • TDS219 Using a Megger to Troubleshoot STRATA_HEAT™ Wire
  • TDS220 STRATA_HEAT™ Thermostat And Amazon Alexa
  • TDS221 STRATA_HEAT™ as a Primary Heat Source
  • TDS222 STRATA_HEAT™ Thermostat Initial Setup
  • TDS223 What is Causing My STRATA_HEAT™ Thermostat to Keep Tripping?
  • TDS263 Registering STRATA_HEAT Thermostats
  • TDS266 Using the STRATA_HEAT Wi-Fi Thermostat without Wi-Fi Connection
  • TDS292 Installing STRATA_HEAT™ On Shower Floor and Shower Bench Seat
  • TDS408 STRATA_HEAT™ Troubleshooting Guide

L&M™ Products

  • TDS430 Installation Guide for Cementitious Construction Grout
  • TDS431 Installation Guide for Epoxy Construction Grout


  • TDS420 SPARTACOTE™ Flooring Maintenance, Repair & Recoat Guide
  • TDS421 SPARTACOTE™ Product Selection Guide
  • TDS422 SPARTACOTE™ Approved Applicator Process
  • TDS423 Installing a SPARTACOTE™ Resinous Floor System Over a Cement Self-Leveling Underlayment
  • TDS432 SPARTACOTE™ Chip SB™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS433 SPARTACOTE™ Chip PURE™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS434 SPARTACOTE™ Guard PURE™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS435 SPARTACOTE™ Guard SB™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS436 SPARTACOTE™ Metallic PURE™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS437 SPARTACOTE™ Metallic SB™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS438 SPARTACOTE™ Quartz PURE™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS439 SPARTACOTE™ Quartz SB™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS440 SPARTACOTE™ SEAL PURE™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS441 SPARTACOTE™ SEAL SB™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS444 SPARTACOTE™ Stain PURE™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS445 SPARTACOTE™ Stain SB™ Flooring Installation Guide
  • TDS446 SPARTACOTE™ SL Epoxy System Installation Guide
  • TDS447 SPARTACOTE™ Chip and Quartz Wall Installation Guide
  • TDS448 SPARTACOTE™ Cove Base Installation Guide
  • TDS450 Installation Guideline for Installing SPARTACOTE™ Over Existing Tiled Surfaces
  • TDS451 Commissioning Walk-In Freezers Coated with SPARTACOTE™ Urethane Cement
  • TDS452 Resinous Flooring Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS454 SPARTACOTE™ Surface Prep Guide

Surface Care Products

(Consulte a continuación las fichas técnicas en espanol)
  • TDS259 Grout Release Guide
  • TDS260 Avoiding or Resolving Surface Care Water-based Sealer Residue
  • TDS261 Sealed Stone Testing and Treatment
  • TDS262 Stone and Tile Care Guide

Productos para el cuidado de las superficies

  • TDS259 Guía de Antiadherentes para boquillas/juntas/lechadas
  • TDS260 Evitar o resolver el cuidado de la superficie: Residuos de sellador a base de agua
  • TDS261 Pruebas y tratamiento de piedra sellada
  • TDS262 Guia de Mantenimiento de Baldosas y Piedras

Regulatory Information

  • TDS280 Environmental Regulations and Their Impact on LATICRETE Brands (USA)
  • TDS281 Environmental Regulations and Their Impact on STONETECH Brands (USA)
  • TDS282 Environmental Regulations and Their Impact on LATICRETE Brands (Canada)

Product Selection Guides and Uses

  • TDS195 Product Selection Guide - USA

Troubleshooting Guides

(Consulte a continuación las fichas técnicas en espanol)
  • TDS201 Cement Grout Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS202 Epoxy Membrane Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS203 Fabric Reinforced Membranes Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS204 Portland Cement Mortar Bed Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS205 Self Leveling Underlayment Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS206 Sound Control Underlayment Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS208 Thin-Set Troubleshooting Guide for Cement Backerboard Surfaces
  • TDS209 Thin-Set Troubleshooting Guide for Concrete and Masonry Surfaces
  • TDS210 Thin-Set Troubleshooting Guide for Exterior Glue Plywood Surfaces
  • TDS211 LATASIL Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS212 SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS213 LATAPOXY® 310 Stone Adhesive (Reg. & Rapid) Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS214 LATAPOXY® 310 Stone Adhesive Dispensed Using Cordless Mixer
  • TDS215 LATICRETE STRATA_HEAT™ Troubleshooting Guide
  • TDS216 SPECTRALOCK® PRO Premium Grout Troubleshooting Guide

Guías de Solución de Problemas

  • TDS201 Guía de solución de problemas: boquillas base cemento
  • TDS203 Guía de solución de problemas de membrana reforzada con tejido
  • TDS204 Guía de solución de problemas de la cama de mortero de cemento
  • TDS211 LATASIL™ Guía de solución de problemas
  • TDS212 SPECTRALOCK® PRO Juntas Epóxicas Guía de solución de problemas

Certification of Materials

  • TDS300 9235 Waterproofing Membrane Certification
  • TDS303 254 Platinum Certification
  • TDS304 LATAPOXY® 300 Adhesive Certification
  • TDS305 LATAPOXY® 310 Stone Adhesive & LATAPOXY® 310 Rapid Stone Adhesive Certification
  • TDS306 Plaza and Deck System Certification
  • TDS313 LATASIL™ Certification
  • TDS314 15 Premium Mastic Certification
  • TDS315 SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout Certification
  • TDS317 333 Super Flexible Additive & 317 Mortar Certification
  • TDS320 HYDRO BAN® Certification
  • TDS322 253 Gold Certification
  • TDS323 1500 Sanded Grout Certification
  • TDS324 1600 Unsanded Grout Certification
  • TDS325 3701 Mortar Admix and 317 Certification
  • TDS326 317 Mortar Certification
  • TDS328 4-XLT Certification
  • TDS329 SPECTRALOCK® 2000 IG Certification
  • TDS330 PERMACOLOR® Grout Certification
  • TDS331 HYDRO BARRIER™ Certification
  • TDS332 252 Silver Certification
  • TDS333 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed Certification
  • TDS334 Glass Tile Adhesive Mortar Certification
  • TDS335 272 Mortar Certification
  • TDS338 MVIS™ Premium Mortar Bed Certification
  • TDS340 LATAPOXY® Waterproof Flashing Mortar Certification
  • TDS344 SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium Grout Certification
  • TDS345 TRI-MAX™ Certification
  • TDS346 PERMACOLOR® Select Certification
  • TDS347 NXT™ Level and NXT Primer Certification
  • TDS348 L&M™ AQUAPEL™ Certification
  • TDS349 L&M™ CRYSTEX® Certification
  • TDS350 STRATA_MAT™ & STRATA_MAT XT Certification
  • TDS351 MVIS™ Veneer Mortar Certification
  • TDS352 L&M™ DEBOND® Certification
  • TDS353 LHT™ Certification
  • TDS354 L&M™ DRESS & SEAL™ Certification
  • TDS356 L&M™ DURAGROUT™ Certification
  • TDS357 L&M™ EMERYTOP 400™ Certification
  • TDS358 L&M™ FGS® HARDENER PLUS™ Certification
  • TDS359 L&M™ LION HARD® Certification
  • TDS360 170 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat Certification
  • TDS361 L&M™ SEAL HARD® Certification
  • TDS363 L&M™ LUMISEAL FX™ Certification
  • TDS364 MVIS™ Hi-Bond Veneer Mortar Certification
  • TDS365 TRI-LITE™ Certification
  • TDS366 209 Floor Mud Certification
  • TDS367 MVIS™ Thin Brick Mortar Certification
  • TDS368 MVIS™ Air & Water Barrier Certification
  • TDS369 257 TITANIUM™ Certification
  • TDS370 L&M™ EZ STRIP™ Certification
  • TDS371 STRATA_HEAT™ Mat Certification
  • TDS372 HYDRO BAN® Board Certification
  • TDS373 HYDRO BAN® Pre-Sloped Shower Pan Certification
  • TDS374 PERAGUARD SPS™ Certification
  • TDS386 NXT™ Level Flow and NXT Primer Certification
  • TDS387 PRIME-N-BOND™ Certification
  • TDS388 STONETECH™ BulletProof® Certification
  • TDS389 NXT™ Patch Certification
  • TDS390 STONETECH™ Stone & Tile Cleaner Certification
  • TDS391 Glass Tile Adhesive Lite Certification


  • TDS404 Floor HEAT Frequently Asked Questions
  • TDS405 170 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat Frequently Asked Questions
  • TDS406 HYDRO BAN® In Pools and Water Features Frequently Asked Questions
  • TDS407 STONETECH® Surface Care Frequently Asked Questions
  • TDS411 SPECTRALOCK® 1 Pre-Mixed Grout Frequently Asked Questions