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3D Construction Is Fast Production

3D printing in the construction industry means greatly reduced production time. That’s because the machines themselves are very fast, some of them can manufacture the walls of a small 600 to 800 SF (55 to 75-square-meter) home in just 24 hours. 3D printers are also highly automated, which greatly reduces human error. The machine needs to be monitored, but most of the production process doesn’t involve a high degree of labor.

While curved concrete structures poured into forms are solid, those created using 3D printing technology can be hollow. This allows space for necessary building services such as electrical HVAC, right inside the structural elements of the building. Our advantage is in our rheology expertise – we have multiple cement-based mortars that are compatible with various types of 3D printers. Our mission is to continue our position as a globally recognized, trusted building product manufacturer.

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